How is PSS Different

Compare Professional Sales Solutions to a typical outsourced telemarketing sales vendor.

Professional Sales Solutions Telemarketing Vendor
Sales Rep Education All have four-year college degrees. Most have high school or some college.
Sales Rep Experience Professional sales experience. Telemarketing or no experience.
Customer Interactions Fluid conversations guided by a framework (outline). Canned pitch following a script that is recited.
Customer Call Backs Directly to Sales Reps Yes. Sales reps have their own direct line callback numbers for personalized communications. No. Callbacks are not allowed or go to a pooled number.
Customer Complaints About Calls None or nearly none. Frequently significant.
Pre-sale and Post-sale Customer Service Handled personally by the PSS sales rep. A referral number at best. Customer may not be satisfied there.
Credit Card Processing Uses a secure web based system. Credit card numbers are not stored on PCs and servers at PSS offices. Varies. Credit card numbers may be retrievable by employees.
Sales Trend Analysis Quarterly detailed analysis of sales trends and reports. No. Only basic reports.
Access to Top Management Top management is readily accessible to clients. Varies.
Costs Numerous options including pay-for-performance, hybrid commission/hourly, and strictly hourly. There are no hidden fees, set up charges or retainers on any campaigns. Pay for time (phone hour) whether a sale is made or not. Added fees for set-up, scripting, and training.