PSS Resources

When you partner with Professional Sales Solutions, we commit extensive management, technological and sales resources to establish a professional telesales operation for your company within PSS.

Quality Sales Reps

PSS achieves unparalleled sales results because we only hire professionals with four-year college degrees who have proven their capabilities in sales environments. Sales reps are able to engage in fluid, unscripted conversations with customers. In addition, PSS matches each client’s specific needs with sales representatives who have relevant business sector experience.

Personalized Service

After each sale, a PSS sales professional provides the customer with his or her direct line telephone number in order to serve as a personal contact, should any future issues arise. This level of customer service yields top sales results and generates loyalty.

Active Management

PSS’ top management is readily accessible to clients. Sales managers, who help sales reps optimize their performance, are also available to clients and provide feedback gleaned from working directly alongside the sales reps.

Stats, Analysis and Feedback

Professional Sales Solutions continually keeps its clients abreast of sales results and – more importantly – any negative sales trends that require attention and adjustment.

On a quarterly basis (or more frequently, if desired), PSS provides clients with a comprehensive analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data captured by its representatives, evaluating buying patterns and rejection reasons. As clients digest the analysis, they work with our staff to make adjustments in order to garner additional vital information. This consulting service is provided by PSS free of charge.